Why Are Those Seeking The Truth Labeled Conspiracy Theorists

Why are those seeking the truth labeled conspiracy theorists?

LISTEN | PRINTBY BILL LINDNER     JUN 20, 2011 IN POLITICSAlways one to be proud of America and all she stood for — truth, freedom, justice etc. — I believed in the rule of law, equality and so much more. I was never interested in politics or questioned the government’s actions. That all changed on 9/11.

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Whenever politicians and the corporate media want to stifle discussion and dissent over gaping holes in information presented as “fact” by the government to actualize its lies, criminal actions and other malfeasances, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “conspiracy theorists.” That label, like “communists” during the McCarthy era, is nothing more than a tool used by the government to encompass reckless, unsubstantiated accusations and demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political dissenters. The “conspiracy theorist” label has been widely used to slander people and groups for decades.Millions of people are seeking the truth for good reason. For the past several decades politicians have grown more corrupt, immoral and deceitful and politically corrupted the Justice and Judicial systems. Corporate media, often in collusion with the government, keeps the government’s corruption out of the spotlight and accepts whatever information it’s fed as fact without question, which has created a nation of ignorant, uninformed citizens kept in the dark. Forcing fallacious ideology on populations without public discussion and input only works when people stop asking questions and seeking the truth.Look at the attacks of 9/11. Air planes weren’t the only thing hijacked that day. Corporate media was ordered by the government not to question the official “facts” of the attacks, and the “conspiracy theory” label has been used to excoriate those who criticize the powerful that are covering up the truth about what really happened that day. Mark Twain wrote many years ago “A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a number of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not mention in public.” There are mountains of evidence revealing the official 9/11 “facts” to be nothing more than a fairy tale, and everything the government is now doing in the Middle East was planned before 9/11. This country needs to know the truth about what happened that day and what has happened since. But questioning the lies of that day contrived by the Bush administration has been considered unpatriotic and reporters were threatened with arrest for even challenging the Bush administration’s lies. Realizing the fact that war is a racket and all wars are based on propaganda goes a long way towards understanding the truth. There is a lot of evidence that false Flag attacks have been used regularly to justify government propaganda which raises red flags and reveals the illegal depths of deception the government will go to in order to keep criminal actions covered up. Creating terrorists to fight terrorists is destroying everything this country ever stood for.Theories are based on the lack of facts, and arise on the preponderance of evidence. It’s foolish to come to a conclusion on any matter without looking at the available evidence and using common sense. It’s usually safe to assume a level of guilt or complicity on the part of anyone who lies about an event, or anyone who tries to hide, plant, or destroy any type of evidence. The first thing the Bush administration did after the attacks of 9/11 was to remove and destroy all the evidence from the World Trade Center and confiscate all kinds of videos and other pertinent evidence. Pushing lies as “fact” — which is prevalent in modern day politics — works for a little while, but only until evidence appears revealing those “facts” to be lies. A closer look at how and why “conspiracy theorists” are labeled as such is an eye-opening experience. When you take the power of words and apply them to an ideology, the possibilities for actualizing lies are endless.Conspiracy Theories often arise from evidenceConspiracy theories often arise from evidence. Once the government releases an explanation of a particular event, conspiracy theories develop because evidence exists that disproves or calls their explanations into question. There is nothing insane or dubious about questioning the government’s explanation, unless of course, sanity is defined as believing everything the government tells you. Being that the government lies to us regularly, believing everything the government tells you falls under utter stupidity, not sanity. Modern politics are rife with collusive corruption, double speak and double standards. In the U.S., history has a way of repeating itself because too many Americans never learn from their previous mistakes.But, as noted by Rense, why people theorize about conspiracies is not the real question. The real question is why so many people choose to believe the government when it’s obvious the government is lying. Part of the answer lies in the fact that corporate media hides the facts, and immediately associates everyone who questions the government with people who see Bigfoot and Elvis. Corporate media is no longer the watchdogs of the people. Corporate media is the lapdog for the government that lies to the people and is often threatened for exposing the truth. Maybe people choose to believe the government’s version of events despite overwhelming evidence that they’re being lied to because it’s easier and simpler, and they don’t want to believe that they’re being governed by traitors. It’s the civic duty of every U.S. citizen to participate in their government and keep themselves informed of its actions, but many people don’t. Choosing to ignore the government’s lies and believing whatever they’re told has resulted in the massive destruction of America we’ve experienced since 9/11. The Political establishment wields a lot of power over everyone’s lives, and with a lot of power comes a lot of corruption, so it needs to be constantly watched and scrutinized.When you repeat lies long enough, some people will believe it. At least that’s what many politicians hope. Words are powerful, and the government has perfected the arts of double speak and double talk. As noted by Philip K. Dick, “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.” To see what someone is saying, examine the words they use. I.F. Stone noted that a thought or concept clearly held finds expression in a word that embodies it. The way to delve into their minds is to look into their vocabulary. Politicians have mastered the art of using the power of words deceptively. Claiming that those who wish to discuss topics like 9/11 truth, the Federal Reserve, or the death of Osama bin Laden are out of bounds and don’t belong in proper political discussion is nothing but a diversionary attack on free speech, truth, and justice. Ideas or opinions deemed crazy, paranoid, or cynical by our political leaders, those who own them, and the media usually indicates that they are afraid and have something to hide. Words can shape a person’s destiny, hide ugly truths from the people, and protect those who have committed treason against the U.S. from retribution for their crimes.Words are a bigger threat to freedom, justice and truth than weapons because authoritarian governments use words to enslave millions of minds and turn people into obedient clogs in the machinery with no will and no understanding of their actions beyond the lies they’re fed by their leaders. The “conspiracy theory” term has contributed more to the destruction and enslavement of the American population than the oligarchical establishment’s assassinations of John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, Martin Luther King Jr. and other political reformers who actually spoke the truth. Labeling ideas and topics that could prove stigmatic to our political leadership is designed to prevent people from thinking critically about their true intentions, the illegal agendas they’re pursuing, and the policies they enact.“Conspiracy Theorist” labels used for precise Political purposesAll wars and revolutions are fought with words and ideas. U.S. leaders mask their intentions with eloquent words, but their actions always give them away. Washington’s culture of corruption has instituted draconian changes in Democracy in a far less violent way than leaders in China, Russia, and the Middle East who use violence to make their citizens obey. U.S. leaders have been slowly destroying rights and freedoms since World War II by relying chiefly on propaganda, censorship, mental brainwashing, political harassment, trying to change history in ignorant minds, subversive advertising, psychological conditioning, and perception management techniques.In addition to threatening freedom of speech, labeling those who see through the lies and question the truth as “conspiracy theorists” is an attempt to stop critical thought from becoming informed opinion about history and political corruption. “Domestic terrorist” is another word that destroys freedom that is conveniently misused and abused by the Department of Homeland Security and other unlawful government authorities to try and stigmatize a person or group who resist the government’s criminal policies. These labels are tossed around repeatedly by politicians and corporate media for precise political purposes: to destroy free thought and free speech, people who question the government, people who have awakened to the government’s crimes, to vilify freedom fighters, law abiding citizens, patriots, those who support the principles of freedom, and constitutionalists. Do your own research. Investigate things and examine the evidence. A majority of beltway media outlets cater to the U.S. government and don’t question anything it tells them, especially these past ten years. Dumbing down the masses is destroying this country.As the nation awakens to the government’s ways, words lose their power regardless of how often they are repeated. To compensate for that, threats of “terrorism” are overhyped by the government to try and reinvigorate those words with meaning and redefine them to energize the “conspiracy theory” agenda. Staging another false flag after 9/11 will prove extremely difficult for the government since it is already using overreaching, illegal spying and surveillance and it would be well aware of a “terrorist” attack, as they were on 9/11. Since millions of people around the world are awakening to the Government’s actions, the “conspiracy theory” agenda isn’t working. That agenda is being counter-attacked with new words such as “politically awakened,” “false-flag,” and “truth-telling” by millions of “conspiracy theorists.”Despite the overwhelming evidence that George W. Bush never won an election and his cronies committed massive election fraud, he served two terms in the White House after being illegally appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court, where he illegally shredded the U.S. Constitution, fraudulently stole America’s wealth and freedom and allowed a “terrorist” attack that opened the floodgates to implement his fraudulent “War on Terror,” too many Americana are either too stupid to see it, too lazy to do anything about it, or both. Since 9/11, not one government official has been held accountable for destroying more of America than any terrorist ever could.Both major political parties have exploited the power of words and propaganda while pursuing illicit agendas in America and the Middle East, but the political spin machine and political campaign directors are well aware of that power too. President Obama is smart, but not wise. “Hope” and “change” were used by President Obama to get elected, but instead of keeping the promises he made to America while campaigning, he catered to Washington’s culture of corruption and has further enabled or worsened many of the illicit agendas started by George W. Bush. When you look at the words the government uses while trying to justify their criminal actions and actualize their lies, the pattern of deception becomes Chrystal clear.Truth and those who speak it are the biggest threat to the political establishmentWords are powerful and they work both ways. Words can be used for good and evil. American history is and has been made by words. Words can be used to make people believe a certain thing –just look at Fox “News” and its viewers. Words can enslave you or set you free. Lies can separate and confine populations. Truth can heal and free populations. Mixing the power of words with fallacious ideologies leads to endless opportunities to cultivate propaganda while trying to actualize lies.An ideology is an applied mythology. Those inside an ideological structure must believe, or say they believe in that ideology or they will be harassed, ostracized, and labeled as a “whack job,” a “nut job” or a “conspiracy theorist.” Politicians and those who own them construct ideologies to justify their criminal acts and alienate critics and those who question their ideology from the rest of society.The government’s attempts to kill Medicare, privatize Social Security, suppress voters, illegalize abortion and all the other targets in its sights, impose draconian austerity measures and kill the Middle and Lower classes are all based on fraudulent ideologies being touted as the only way to fix the economic crises caused by their criminal actions. They want us to believe that all other options such as taxing corporations and billionaires, recouping all the money Americans were defrauded out of by Wall Street and friends, cutting the trillions of dollars being wasted on illegal wars in the Middle East are impossible or evil, despite the fact that they are not. Holding Washington’s culture of corruption accountable for their actions is neither impossible nor is it evil.Truth, and those who speak it, are the biggest threat to the political establishment because it reveals the never-ending depths of corruption and criminal actions perpetrated by governments against their citizens and it reveals political officials as the criminals they are. Washington’s culture of corruption is running scared because their actions have awakened a sleeping giant that wants to know the truth. The awakening giant wants a voice in the debate over National Security and the excessive secrecy surrounding it, the Patriot Act, and a host of other things being misused to destroy this country. As the giant grows, it will demand accountability and justice. Millions of people are finding out that demanding the truth and questioning government malfeasance does not make you a “conspiracy theorist.” Allowing people with different opinions to debate and speak with each other is important. America was built on free speech but being caught betraying their country and committing treason doesn’t fit into Washington’s ideology.