My Experience With Losing Weight With The Ketogenics Lifestyle and Fasting – Part 1

My Experience With Losing Weight With the Ketogenics Lifestyle

By – Dwight Lilly

As most adult Americans I have spent years overweight. To be blunt the proper term would be obese. It wasn’t always this way, I did not begin gaining weight until the mid 80’s which happens to coincide with the time frame when the food supply turned towards the low fat, eat lots of grains, and flush them down with a healthy glass of fruit juice. The food pyramid had the healthy diet all worked out for me, follow it and I was on my way to a healthy and extended long life span.

I stopped eating high fat food, cut out the bacon and eggs and ate my three healthy meals each day. I ate out a lot which is the American way and was not concerned as the restaurants touted their healthy menus designed by nutritionists and  backed by the American Medical Association. If I did gain weight I was told to cut back on my eating and exercise more.

The only real truth I gained was that none of this worked for me, so I tried dieting. I just did a Google search for diet plans to lose weight and there were 103,000,000 websites to choose from. So where did I go wrong?

My last fad diet was the one where I lived for 92 days on juicing. I lost 72lbs and was excited. I needed hip replacement surgery and the doctor and hospital refused to do the procedure unless I lost a lot of weight. Like the earlier failed diets I was hungry bordering on starving all the time. How much resolve did I have was directly proportional to how long I could suffer at the lower weight. Finally I reached my breaking point, began cheating on the diet, and quickly regained the 72 lbs, along with an additional 10 lbs as a bonus.

I began hearing about the Keto approach to eating about two years ago, hearing about it but too discouraged to put my toe in the water. I no longer wanted to put all the effort in yet another diet, and be rewarded with the hunger pains and mental exhaustion as a prize.

Last February I was at the end of my rope as my health began to fail, it’s was lose a lot of weight or face a very short time on this earth. I did not have the luxury of time as it was imperative that I lose the weight NOW.

I decided to do a thorough vetting of the Keto approach to losing weight, I was going to read everything I could get my hands on and watch a lot of videos on the topic. I left no stone unturned, I read articles by doctors, health experts, trainers, ordinary people like me and the one thing that became clear was the news was all positive. And ordinary people like me who had the same story of an adulthood of weight gain and failed diets, yet once they discovered Keto all of that changed.

What was different this time? The difference was the Keto was a lifestyle change and a complete 180 degree opposite approach to eating and what to eat. I learned that all the experts who had coached me through life starting with the food pyramid. Yes, all of those experts, the doctors , nutritionists, dieticians, and their dietary truths were lies. I’m not going to say they purposely lied but rather that their education, where they were being taught about food and healthy eating had been wrong. What became crystal clear was that unless I approached eating and nutrition from the point of view of my earliest ancestors and their DNA, which is my DNA, then I was exactly where I should be, unhealthy, facing life ending disease, and cheating myself out of years of my lifespan.

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