Expect A Big ‘Shake-Up’ in the Intelligence Community

Russian ‘Hackergate’ Allegations Are In the Crosshairs Of The Incoming President
President elect Donald Trump has publicly questioned the Obama Administration’s claims that Russian government sponsored hackers were behind the cyber attack of the Democrat National Party’s e-mail accounts. He has viewed this with suspicion as have many others who have clamored for the Obama administration to come forth with proof. It has now been weeks since these allegations were made and yet still no verifiable smoking guns. The question centers on why the American people or the incoming president should accept as factual, innuendo and vague assurances. When the much ballyhooed release of proof was floated, there was still no smoking gun only unnamed sources in the intelligence community, who could not be named nor facts brought to light.
The President elect receives intelligence briefs and there were promises made that he would have in his hands the definitive proof of Russian government involvement, but now the planned meeting has been put off, which evoked the following Tweet from Donald Trump.

The “Intelligence” briefing on so-called “Russian hacking” was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!

Given the nature of the allegations that first were levied by the Clinton campaign and democrat party, and later backed by the Obama administration, this is now becoming little more than an excuse to attack Russia without a shred of evidence to support the retaliatory sanctions taken, including the expulsion of thirty-five Russian diplomats from our shores. Measures that Mr. Putin the Russian leader  publicly denounced, as he has repeatedly denied his government’s involvement in the e-mail leaks which found their way to Wikileaks. Putin then stated there would be no Russian retaliation, which seems to have further thwarted the Obama action and added to the unfolding drama.

With Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange coming out and denying the leak source as having anything to do with Russia, the pressure has built for the intelligence community to lay their cards out in front of the incoming president. With Mr. Trump’s suspicions already publicly known, we can anticipate a showdown between him and the leaders of the intelligence community, and a shakeup if there is not concrete proof of Russian involvement. Donald Trump could then view this community as being willing pawns of the plot to blame Russia, which would point to them being in league with the president, the Clinton campaign and the democrats against the Trump campaign.

We will all know more after the planned briefing, this is an evolving story but does not bode well at this point for the leadership of these intelligence organizations. I  find all of this disheartening, our government is behaving more like a third world rogue style dictatorship, than one that epitomizes a leader of truth and justice on the world scene. We have become what we feared the most and that should send chills down the spine of every American, regardless of political leanings.

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Dwight Lilly