America, the Land Of Cowards

America, The Land Of Cowards

By: Dwight Lilly

Growing up in America I was treated to several American history classes in public school. The tales of George Washington, Paul Revere, the Swamp Fox, the battle of Lexington and so forth. Tales of rugged American colonists fighting the King of England, and his massive army of invaders. A David and Goliath event in the later years of the 18th century. Well, in reality, only between 3-5% of the American colonists stood up to tyranny and fought the war of independence, the rest sat on their hands, remained loyal, or simply were unwillingly to do what it would take, to risk anything in the quest for freedom and liberty. But willing to reap the rewards all the same.

The truth of who is patriotic and who are fence sitters remains the same today, if not an even lower percentage.

America is well into it’s third month of forced quarantines and business closures. Churches boarded up, most outdoor recreation areas roped off, even the mighty oceans off limits to residents; threat of arrests and fines neutering the population. It can be understood to be extremely cautious in month one, that is until the forecasts and models were shown to be off not by a little, but by a LOT. There is no excuse now.

We have preachers, Pastors who shout to the proclaim a message of faith and that God will provides, too timid to take god up on the bargain. Since when did God ever cow tow to politicians and governments, the way the bible tells it, it was the kings who bowed to God and his prophets.

The result has been startling, the masses being spoon fed phony predictions based on suspect models. “2.3 million will die!” “we must quarantine now!”

The cause and affect should have been predicted and shouted from the rooftops. “If the country quarantines and shutters most of it’s economic activity, the results will be a financial depression the likes NEVER witnessed in modern times.” Worse than the bell weather event of 1929, a depression that took a World War to overcome and shake the economy back to action.

Yes, Americans themselves are phonies, fake patriots and good representations of a population that would fall in lock step to a dictatorship reminiscent of the story told in the novels “1984” or “A Brave New World.”

The Americans of 2020 will now too, reap the rewards of sitting on their hands and being dictated to by tyrants.