The Liberal Mind Crashes And Burns


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For most dyed-in-the-wool liberals, the election was going to be business as usual.

They viewed Hillary Clinton as one of their own, a kind person with extensive political experience who would continue to guide the nation in the direction set by other kind and decent leaders—Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. It was all good. Hope, change, help, share and care, sympathy for the less fortunate, giving back, on the road to a better world. In other words, these liberals were deluded by their own vague ideals.

Nothing new there.

They believe everything big media tells them to believe. They trust in big government. They admire the notion of socialism, such as they understand it, but of course they would never come right out and admit to being socialists. That would be a bridge too far. That might commit them to a specific set of ideas, and you can count on liberals to avoid specificity like the plague. They prefer the warm fuzzy bubbly delusion of “progress” and “improvement.”

Above all, they want to be seen as good.

Under no circumstances do they want to be seen as greedy or ambitious.

They have a tacit deal with their favored candidates: those leaders must never seem to be greedy, either.

The Clinton Foundation operation? A money-laundering machine set up to make the Clintons rich and powerful mountain-top mobsters manipulating US policy for cash? Impossible. Would never happen. Look the other way. Ignore it. Stay in the bubble.

Hillary Clinton playing a major role in the destruction of Libya by air attack, torn bodies lying in the streets, fiery chaos, government dissolved, vicious terrorists fighting it out to see who’ll control the landscape, with the shell-shocked population caught in the crossfire? Never happened.

Sturdy, tough, dedicated family men across America robbed of their jobs by cold-blooded Bill Clinton, Obama, and Hillary Clinton Globalist maneuvers? No, never happened.

Then Trump won the election.

The liberals crashed and burned.

And now they’re curling around the feet of the CIA and the Washington Post and demanding more stories about the Russians—those evil bastards they once adored from a distance—stealing the election and handing it to Trump.

They’re shoving their fangs in wherever they can, desperately hoping to unseat Trump before he takes the Oath of Office.

And if somehow Trump restores some of those lost American jobs? If by chance he doesn’t embark on more wars of Empire? If he destroys a swath or two of foul corruption inside the DC Beltway?


Sure she would. She would have flown and floated over the White House like an angel made out of cotton candy and pointed her wand at Washington criminals and dismissed them straightaway.

These liberals will now primp and plump up the Obama presidency and, in hindsight, it will become the greatest eight years in the pantheon of human progress. Obama will eventually become Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus Christ all rolled up into one.

But behind this, the liberal mind has crashed and burned. Its vague delusions of goodness are falling apart, flaming cinders in the wind. Liberals wander in psychotic grief throughout the land. The ideals to which they pledged their allegiance have been exposed as cover stories:

The ideal of open borders actually means: Let in so many immigrants they overwhelm public resources, while crimes escalate—all for the purpose of making chaos, whose only solution is the closing iron fist of the surveillance/police state.

The idea of one world united actually means: Under the rubric of international cooperation and friendship, keep sending companies and jobs overseas, decimating the economy and families—all for the purpose of making chaos, whose only solution is the closing iron fist of the surveillance/police state, and the government takeover of the economy.

The list of destructive intentions is much longer, and in every case the solution is the same.

But the presider over this end-game operation never made it into the White House.

And her addled liberal supporters are clueless on every level. They don’t see the forest for the trees, and they don’t even see the trees. They only know that their own narcissistic signaling devices, which broadcast how virtuously their precious hearts throb, are running out of juice. That’s all they ever cared about, and now that, too, is going away.

Their garbling gibbering politically correct psychobabble long ago replaced their minds, so they can’t begin to figure out what has happened and what is happening.

Their beloved symbols—Hollywood liberal celebrities—are saying, in sub-text, “Ignore my tears, I’m digging my fortified bunker deeper. Don’t bother me.”

People can call themselves liberals or progressives. But until they understand how their sentimental ideals have been used to launch destructive operations against the American people, they’re at best a collection of obstructionists who are preventing the dismantling of arch-Globalists.

Those Globalists intend to decimate the nation and drag it down into a bleak future—not a shred of independence or sovereignty left. Instead, America would be a mauled element of an abject planetary “utopia,” which is grotesquely celebrated as “sustainable.”

With justice for no one.

This is the liberal heritage.

This is what seeming-to-be-good has wrought.

This is what a vast pretense of virtue has brought to our door.

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