When Covid 19 Hits Home

Like many of those reading this, I have lost friends and acquaintances to this virus over the past couple of years, to be precise two close friends, both since Nov. 2021. I have preexisting medical issues and over 50 years of age, so I took the vaccine and one booster. We then learned that the virus was mutating and the original vaccines and boosters would become ineffective. On a trip to my hometown I attended a family gathering, a day later one of those sitting at my table tested positive. A day before boarding an airplane for my return flight I took a home test and it was negative, so I followed through with the return flight. One day after arriving home I began feeling some symptoms so the next day I took another home test. This time I tested positive so I decided the next morning I would call my doctor to report this and get instructions as to how to proceed. Between the time I tested positive and that night my symptoms worsened, I went to bed early hoping a good night’s sleep would help. I awoke the next day early and I had severely regressed. I couldn’t walk ten feet without excruciating chest pains, rapid heart beat and I had trouble breathing. I called the doctor right at 8:00 am and explained my situation, my healthcare system immediately kicked in, within thirty minutes and after two follow up calls the second to inform me that a prescription for antiviral medication had been sent to my pharmacy. Unfortunately it took all day for the subscription to be filled and in my hands. I immediately took the first dose and within hours was feeling better. Both of my friends who had perished from the virus had refused the vaccination and both had delayed treatment. Had I not had my wife available to help in getting the medication, I believe I would have been unable to act on my own, the symptoms were devastating and the onslaught fast. My wife tested positive six days later and we followed the same plan, she too immediately began recovering after taking the anti viral medication.. So…I highly recommend that you the reader already have a plan of action, someone you can trust to help if you contract the virus and DO NOT DELAY in executing the plan. This virus will continue to mutate so all of us need to be prepared going forward to react.