The Threat To Independent Journalism: Censorship By Social Media

One of the main reasons I decided to invest in this website was the threats I had endured to shut me up, and the actions that accomplished that goal. And I’m small potatoes, a guy who simply wanted to investigate corruption in our local government, and put names and the truth before my fellow citizens. I self fund this website and most of the radio air time I use to get out my views. As small as I am, I have had Facebook take down videos over phony accusations that I had broken their rules.

You the readers can listen to my local radio broadcast at this website and judge for yourself, whether I’m spewing senseless rhetoric or valuable information and commentary. The same can be said for the articles I post here. I present the information from a range of sources, it’s up to you to determine whether they have value and are in need of sharing.

When you consider the censorship being applied to independent journalists, you might conclude that there is a conspiracy to control the narrative and shut down different views. You should also ask yourself ‘why’ certain subjects are being censored. In my opinion, when you consider topics such as alternative health options–ie natural remedies for cancer, diabetes, nutrition, that there are very powerful corporations that want to maintain the status quo, they are making a lot of money with the current state of healthcare and nutrition. When the topic of vaccinations comes up, this industry push back again is because of the money involved. It appears we have government, corporations and the owners of social media in an alliance to limit the access of alternative health and natural remedies. Who is above all of these organizations pulling the puppet strings?

This website will continue to share stories and topics, so long as there is a means for this website to be on the internet. Once the big search engines considers this website a threat to the status quo, then it will become impossible to find me as the algorithms the search engines use with be rigged to prevent it from showing up as a site. I fear such a day in the future and hope I will have another option to share this information. You readers are witness to what has happened to Julian Assange for bringing forth information that paints an entire different reality of the United states and other states, and the length they will go to subvert the very constitutions and rule of law, the leaders swear to obey and uphold. Please share this website address with those in your circle, in the event censorship comes my way.

Dwight Lilly