So What’s The Big Deal About Freedom of the Press?

By – Dwight Lilly

As the owner of this website, frequent commentator on local and state issues, and the host of two radio shows, like it or not, I’m the press. Or should I say a member of this thing called the press, or 5th Estate. And I write, act as an pollinator of ideas and concerns, and challenge conventional ideas. But there is one other area I dive into and that is criticize government, and root out corruption. I would like to think Americans want me doing what I do, need me to do what I do and would support and protect me doing what I do. But will they?

Julian Assange as you might guess was going to show up on this website, not because I particularly like him or agree with him, but because his situation is unique in the American justice culture. Never before in our history as a nation, has our government boldly gone after a member of the press and their organization as they have in this case. Right now brilliant legal minds working for the federal justice system, are mapping out a strategy to convict and imprison Assange for what? For being a representative of the 5th estate and doing his job. Assange is a watchdog the people depend on, to educate and inform the public on the doings of their government. And Julian through Wilileaks uncovered a lot of deception, lies, corruption and activities that are opposite of the values Americans believe in and America stands for. Wikileaks embarrassed and tarnished the image of America, and our government wants to destroy the organization and Julian for doing so. Not the New York Times and their writers, investigators, editors and publisher, not the Washington Post…both news-press entities that did and do the same as Julian. Just Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Julian could be me or another investigative reporter, or another website or media outlet and it’s people.

We need freedom of the press, we want our government activities to be known. Even the dirt and disgusting part of it. The decay that Wikileaks exposed if left unchecked, could destroy our republic and that’s why this is such a critical topic for me and it should be for all.

I have posted a number of articles on Wikileaks and Julian Assange this past week, because you the readers need to have this topic front and center. Your liberty and freedom and the future of our nation and it’s values are at stake.