The Russian Hacking Excuses Need To Stop —“We won you lost…get over it!”

December 29, 2016

The ‘Russian Hacking’ Excuses Need To Stop — “We Won You Lost, Get Over It!”

Without any proof whatsoever, the narrative that has become so loud it is ear drum shattering in intensity, continues to wail.
“The Russians did it!”.
“The Russians stole the elections!”.
Hillary was blindsided by the Russians”.

And as a result the Obama controlled US Treasury is unveiling new sanctions against Russia. According to a statement released by the president “All Americans should be alarmed by Russia’s actions Well Mr. president, I hate to break the bad news to you but we aren’t. We listened to you, we waited for some evidence to appear backing your allegations, and given that none was supplied, your case was tossed out of the court of public opinion.

Unfortunately at a time when our new president elect is trying hard to mend fences that were broken by the incompetence of Obama, and his foreign affairs catastrophes, this failed president is meddling in areas that will only compound the problem. Does Obama want Trump to succeed or not? Who is the enemy here, the Russians… or a president in his final three weeks in office sabotaging our nation’s future?

The sanctions immature and unfounded will remind all Americans today and be evidence for historians the future to judge this president’s performance. A letter grade of ‘F’ for this move by him should be awarded.

We have a system of justice where the accused get’s to see the evidence against them. The president who claims to be adept at constitutional law, seems to be forgetting how the judicial system works. Of course the Russia is not being charged in a court, no prosecutor will be handling a case, in truth no prosecutor worth his salt would file such a case nor would a judge agree to hear it. The likely result would be a severe reprimand by the judge of the prosecutor, and a warning that any future nonsense in his court would be rewarded with a fine or other judicial sanctions. Yet we have a president who  appointed himself accuser, prosecutor, judge and executioner. A few diplomats from Russia are being expelled, a few buildings closed down and the appearance of being sent to the woodshed for a spanking is on view. Ho hum.

I’m counting the days until Donald Trump is sworn in as president, he now has a new problem that he will have to revisit and an apology to make to the Russian people. While he is at it, he might as well finish up his apology statement regarding this situation with a blanket one to all others who Obama will attack before he leaves the office. An office he should never have occupied to begin with.

As far as Hillary is concerned and the democrat party, you lost we won, get over it. Stop with the excuses.

Dwight Lilly
Down the rabbit hole…