One World Order Globalists Confounded By Rise In Opposition By Populists

One World Order Globalists Confounded By Rise In Opposition By Populists….

The World Economic Forum meets annually in a quiet retreat, away from the hussle and bussle of busy lives. These financial and cultural elites are meeting in Davos Switzerland, but that’s not all. They plan another get together in Washington DC, a ‘special’ meeting to deal with president elect Donald Trump. WEF founder Klaus Schwab told Bloomburg Television Sunday the gathering with explore U.S. Investment and job-creation, for companies who participate in the forum. This is code for ” we destroyed the American middle class with globalsim”, thought we could get away unscathed, and first Brexit passed and now Trump is president” Both events cutting off at the knees further globalist expansion and population migration. And a populist uprising that could bring down the EU and the major world leaders who have been puppets of the one world economy.

The founder of WEF is confounded, why would the average Joe who has not seen a wage increase in over two decades be upset? This is how far out of touch these elite have become. Normally these meetings are about caviar and kicking the tires on the latest member executive jets . An orgy of opulence that contrast the world they have designed for the unwashed masses, with the bountiful world they have gained for themselves.┬áThis year there is much fear, much doom and gloom, will the cry from the serfs be “off with their heads”?

Is the meeting in Washington going to be a behind the scenes attempt to bribe Trump with a few new factories, and a few thousand jobs, as a peace offering? And then with a wink and a nod get the approval to ramp back up with their game? Or is the gloom a result of a failure of back-door attempts to feel out the president elect, and being shown the door.

Throughout history the elite have overplayed their hand and brought about a populist uprising, 2016 was yet another overplayed hand and another revolt. The question now will be will the common man continue to let it’s guard down for a replay of the latest plan for royal dominion.

Dwight Lilly