From A Humble Beginning the Mystery Inspires

You don’t need be a religious person to recognize the inspiration and mystery surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. A baby born in the most humble of conditions. As the story of his life goes, he spent the vast majority of his live as an obscure carpenter, son, brother and friend. He never traveled much nor had a vast knowledge of the world or it’s affairs outside his obscurity. But this is where the mystery begins to hatch and sprout wings.

The authors of the Christian bible tell the tale of a man who spent three years in a ministry to others, young old, man and woman, but most importantly it seems, he was most fond of and attentive to the weak, sick, poor and ignoble. He tended first to their spiritual needs, a focus that those who are religious and irreligious alike can embody. One need not be of a particular faith to care and minister to the world and people around them.

How did one so innocent and naive become so wise and noble? From where did he gain such insight, mysticism, and courage? He was later known as a minor rabbi-teacher, yet towered above all his peers of this field in wisdom and teaching. A teacher among teacher that has not stopped this vocation since he began. Each generation of mankind is born into an ever changing world from the one of their parents and family tree, yet this bible of stories with examples lives on. It has the same message and lessons regardless of historical times. It’s transcendent and that makes it magical in my mind.

As mankind continues to evolve and grow as a society, at what point does it take a leap in consciousness and embrace the lessons of this man? To me it is not important whether the man Jesus existed or whether he is a compilation of a number of ancient teachers. What is important is the lessons of a humble spirit, who has an everlasting message that has yet to be embraced. Which is sad, because were the opposite true, then we would have peace and good tidings among all men and nations.

In the spirit of Jesus, Merry Christmas,

Down The Rabbit Hole Media – Dwight Lilly