My Final thoughts Before the Election Tomorrow

In all my years I have never experienced a ride like we have had these past four years. America became disillusioned of a second Obama term  before he took his oath of office in the following January. The candidates began on the republican side began testing the waters in 2014, Hillary Clinton had not stopped running since her failed campaign in 2008. In all we had three democrat primary candidates, the anointed one Hillary Clinton and the Independent socialist turned democrat Bernie Sanders. Hillary had already sewed up the super delegates in the various states by bribing each state party in excess of $60,000. The fix was already in.

On the republican side Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and what amounted to seventeen in total ended up in the primaries. Jeb Bush, the anointed one on the republican side, had garnered a war chest of $150,000,000 in contributions, an amount intended to chase off the rest of the field. And then along came Donald Trump and his $ billions. With a populist – anti establishment message.
As the slug-fest developed on both sides, Bernie Sanders began showing a strength that shocked the Clinton camp. In the end, Hillary’s super delegates and ground game entered the convention with her entourage, Bernie was taken to a back room and bribed to end his challenge, and Hillary was crowned victor. Despite loud protests from Bernie’s army who never stopped ‘feeling the Bern’. Oh, and Bernie and his wife bought a vacation home on Lake Champagne for a cool $650 K. Who says politics and back room bribes don’t pay well?

On the republican side Trump demolished the republican party stalwarts. One by one they went down in flames. We had “little Marco”, “low energy Jeb” Lying Ted Cruz, and the lessor known’s. The statist party was in shock and a large percentage refused to accept or back a Trump campaign. Trump was crowned victor at the convention, but not until we witnessed months of backroom machinations as the party tried figuring out how to deny him the nomination.

It’s been Donald Trump against the world these past months. The media, the Wall Street Bankers, the polling companies and all the assorted talking heads conspired to deny Trump. Lying was the key strategy and pouring enough money into advertising to sink a carrier group was unleashed. Trump the novice showed it as he fumbled and mumbled with his foot stuck in his mouth. Hillary, the season lying politician who had sixteen elections worth of experience took to the ground. And despite it all, the momentum these past weeks has Donald Trump with a tail wind. Hillary’s baggage including the e-mail scandal from her days as Sec. of State and her psychotic lying acted like anchors. Her health issues also kept popping up as she was constantly propped up on stage by her staff.

Frankly, nobody knows what will happen on Tuesday as the polls close. The warning clouds of the democrats and Hillary’s campaign stealing the election is on many minds. I won’t be surprised if the votes are challenged nationwide and we end up with a constitutional crisis.
The globalist bankers and oligarchs are responsible for where we are as a nation. They have bought and paid for congress the Clinton’s and the media. This reminds me of Custer’s battle at the Little Bighorn River with on exception, we don’t know which side will win. What we can be sure of is this simple fact, the Trump movement is big, it would be naive to write it off as an aberration were he to lose.