Criticizing Donald Trump? Be Prepared For Zombie Attacks From His Rabid Supporters

I have been a huge Donald Trump supporter, and admit to defending him on numerous occasions since he was elected president. I have also sent the Donald numerous e-mails to the White House e-mail account, both positive and negative, e-mails concerning his leadership and policies as president. I consider myself an ‘equal shit disturber’, and not entirely in any one camp when it comes to public policy and politics. I’m not one of his rabid supporters who blindly turn their back on his shortcomings. I don’t expect perfection from anyone and that includes myself, I readily laugh at my own hypocrisy – as to deny I have bias – is disingenuous. We all have bias.

Last week on social media I posted this question – Will President Trump close the border with Mexico this week? I figured the bold statement he made at a rally in Michigan – ‘that he would close the border with Mexico in a week’, would be a good litmus test to gauge. I had noticed on social media and in conversations with friends and others, that any criticism of Donald Trump would be met with blind and rabid rage. And push back there was. The excuses and strawman arguments began flowing in like a break in a dyke, with ever increasing frequency. And then silence.

Once the Trump zombies realized I was not backing down, they stopped posting to my page. I followed up that post yesterday (after the one week shutdown period was over… with no shutdown), with a new post the noted Trump had not shut the border down and the week had passed. The post has been ignored.

Trump had backed off almost immediately his proclamation and waffled. I have heard him say he would shut down the border in a month, and this excuse and that. He has now announced that the Homeland Security Secretary had resigned after a meeting with him in the White House. In other words he threw her under the bus, blaming her for the border mess. I’m positive this move will be met by a round of cheers from the zombies, as they raise their torches and clubs in the air. For myself I view this as Trump being Trump, long on bravado and BS and short on action.

What ever happened to Trumps executive powers to build the wall and shut down the border jumpers and drug smugglers? More BS?

We have become a nation of non thinking zealots for the most part. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Americans have become indoctrinated by media zealots, either clinging to the far right or far left cable networks. Networks full of biased ‘zombie propagandists’, propagandists pretending to be journalists. The media has been successful in creating a non-thinking, robot acting public… or should I say zombies, zombies who spew forth the latest talking points and messaging.

Control the messaging – control the minds – control the hearts – control the votes.

Don’t get me wrong, I want the president to succeed at strengthening our border, I believe a nation has a right to defend it’s sovereignty and control who visits and lives in our country. I realize the president has had trouble getting his immigration and security policies accepted by congress. What I don’t support is his dishonesty and game playing. He’s the president not a stage actor playing a character with a script. Maybe it’s because I watch his speeches and read his comments without blinders on that has led me to openly mocking his actions.

If you are on the left I’m sure you are feeling good at this point of this post, but don’t be so smug, come on admit it, you would be acting the same way had Hillary Clinton assumed the throne and crown. I believe those on the left, middle and right need to take a step back, clear our heads, and spend a healthy amount of time with the TV turned off, talk radio turned off, and some time away from biased blogs and news articles. Americans need to come up for a fresh breath of air and turn in their zombie clubs and torches.