CNN Head Jeff Zucker Is Out Of Touch With Reality

January 18, 2017


Apparently common sense and logic are not traits important to the once vibrant news sources; the current head Jeff Zucker has also lost touch with reality from his perch in the ivory tower.

While noting that his network is the only one seen around the world… from Beijing, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, Pyongyang, Baghdad, Tehran, and Damascus, Mr. Zucker must believe that his networks move from being news reporters to democrat party propagandists has in some way improved our standing on the world stage.

To having out and out lied about the president elect during the campaigns, to having partnered with the Clinton campaign to the point of being labeled the Clinton News Network, and to breaking news about Trump, which turned out to be unfounded and ‘fake’ in every regard, CNN is now little more than a comedic satire, than a legitimate asset in real world opinion shaping. Everybody knows they lie!

When asked about Trump shutting down one of his corespondents, Jim Acosta at last week’s new conference, and refusing to take a question from him, ¬†Zucker remarks claimed Trump was underestimating CNN’s reach.

Donald Trump wasn’t underestimating the fake news outlet’s reach, he was clearly annoyed by the amateur manner in which the reporter behaved. The disrespect the network has for the office of president as displayed to the world by Jim Acosta, epitomizes everything wrong with CNN. Network head Jeff Zucker double down on that by his remarks.

Arrogant and the belief in self importance, plus a lack of awareness of just how little respect or relevance the new administration holds of the once mighty worldwide news source, should be a world wide eye opener for it’s boss. Instead he reflects what we all know worldwide, CNN is a shell of it’s former self and everybody outside their headquarters knows it. The next wake-up call will come when the new press digs are up and running, located away from the West Wing. Will CNN hold a coveted front seat place in the pecking order? I doubt it.

Dwight Lilly — ¬†Down the rabbit hole we go.