About Dwight Lilly

the-dwight-lilly-show-profile-pictureDwight is an entrepreneur, businessman, writer, radio show host, and community activist. His focus s on uncovering the truth about who we truly are –the spiritual nature of human beings and what powers control our planet. He uses ther power of the written and spoken word to educate the masses with his research findings.

Dwight utilizes his creative energy and dynamic personality to grab the public’s attention in order to transfer his enthusiasm for action, and decades of experience to empower he public to take action and prepare for a world fast disintegrating before their eyes. His voice and delivery is infectious, the emotions displayed real and the passion catching. There is nothing phony about his caring.

Dwight’s credo is ” never believe what the government tells you, never trust polls, and always do your own verification of information you receive…, and above all, never believe anything Dwight says…you must verify EVERYTHING before depending on it for accuracy”. Yes, he even expects his audience to be suspicious of what he writes and says. Dwight goes on to tell his audience that “knowledge is power and ignorance is a ticket to slavery”.

Relying on his decades of studies, decades of life’s experience, decades of business experience, time spent from the bottom f the ladder as a fresh out of college new hire, employee, supervisor, manager, general manager and business owner of 30 plus years. Dwight is a husband, father, and grandfather who cares that they and you survive and thrive this changing world we all share.

Dwight utilizes a highly developed intuition, as well as intense curiosity… ‘to root out the truth’…. however bizarre and incredulous as it may appear. And he passes on the same information and suggestions he would if you the reader or listener, was one of his own.

This website is the culmination of a dream and goal to bring together at one site the content and links to all of Dwight’s media content, at one handy site . And to provide the listener or reader a venue in which they can comment, share, and engage each other and Dwight, as co-producers of content.